Epoxy coated concrete flooring is highly durable, slip-resistant, water-proof, and can withstand damage for years, even in the high traffic areas. Further, it has a polished, glossy look, which is the reason why it is a great choice for both residential and commercial floors. The biggest advantage of epoxy flooring is that it requires minimum maintenance. By following a very simple cleaning routine, you will be able to maintain its gloss, durability, and beauty for years. Here are some important tips suggested by our epoxy experts:  

  • A lot of DIY epoxy floor coating kits claim that the installation is pretty simple and straightforward. This is not true. Epoxy coating is not a DIY task. It requires a thorough preparation and application. If it is no done correctly, the coating could peel off in some time. You must therefore, hire professional installers like us for this job. We offer 2 year warranty on our epoxy coated floors. The warranty covers everything from peeling to loss of flaking, giving you the peace of mind that you don’t have to get your floor redone any time soon.   
  • If the installation is done correctly, all you need to do is to keep dust and dirt away from your epoxy floor. A microfiber dust mop is the best thing you can use for this task. Residential floors can be swept once or twice a week but commercial floors should be swept daily. High traffic areas may require more cleaning. Dust, dirt, and other unwanted fine particles can scratch and damage the coating of the floor and therefore, you need to clean the floor as frequently as required.
  • Apart from sweeping, you will have to wash/mop the floor with water. Washing/mopping should follow sweeping. Residential floors can be mopped once a week but mopping of commercial floors should be done almost every day.
  • Do not use any chemical or floor cleaning product for cleaning epoxy floors, especially the ones that contain acid, citrus solution, or vinegar. They can damage the coating. Also, do not use soapy solution or soap based cleaners, as they will leave a residue on the floor, thereby making it slippery and dirty. Mop the floor with water only.
  • Use walk-off mats at all the entry doors to reduce the amount of dirt and dust that can reach your floor through shoes.
  • Spot clean the spills using paper towel or a soft cloth. Spot cleaning will help you keep your floor stain-free. Some spills may be acidic or may have chemicals, which, if not cleaned immediately, can leave permanent stains on the epoxy floor.
  • If you are unable to clean the dirt and stain, you may lightly scrub it with a scrub pad or a soft cloth. Do not scrub it too hard. Instead, hire a professional floor cleaning company to get rid of the tough stains safely.
  • Do not slide, drag, or roll potentially sharp or rough items across the floor. Dragging can damage the floor coating and make it slippery. Use a rolling mover to move things safely.

While getting your epoxy coating done, make sure you ask your installer to provide you complete aftercare instructions. Note down these instructions and follow them unfailingly. If you have any questions regarding epoxy floor coating, get in touch with us today for reliable advice.

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