One of my closest friends has bought a new house a couple of months back. It’s an old house that needed some redecorating. The worst thing about it was the dated and damaged concrete floors both inside and outside of the house. She came across Looks Great Concrete, and she was immediately impressed by their offer. The guys that did the resurfacing job were very polite and professional. I couldn’t believe the difference when I saw it with my own eyes. We are doing the same thing at our house next week.

Ella Wentcher

I was so fed up with our old and damaged driveway. All of our neighbors have new, sparkly driveways; ours was the ugliest in the whole street. I came across Looks Great Concrete, and I decided to give them a call. These guys were very professional. They helped me choose everything, which is great because their offer is just overwhelming. Everything was done on time and on point. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants their concrete floors resurfaced.

Alyssa Franki

Bringing old cars back to life is a passion of mine since I can remember. I have spent decades of my life working on car restoration, and I can tell you – it’s a very dirty job. My garage floor was looking nasty after so many oil spills, and I realized that I had to do something about it. I contacted Looks Great Concrete, and they completely resurfaced my garage floor. The epoxy flooring they installed looks incredible, and it’s really easy to maintain! I wish I had called them sooner.

Lachlan Ryland

I own a small restaurant in Melbourne. We used to have tiles in our kitchen, but they cracked over the years, and the seams became very greasy and dirty. Some renovating was in order, and a friend of mine told me about Looks Great Concrete. I gave them a call, and I must say that it was the best thing I did. The color of my new anti-slip floors perfectly matches the colors of my restaurant now. Thank you Looks Great Concrete, you guys are the best.

Seth Ralston

I own a software development company, and I have bought an office building recently. It was a dated building that needed new floors. I didn’t want the standard tiles or concrete floors, so I did a little research and came across Looks Great Concrete. They were just what I needed to complete my vision. The newly installed flake epoxy flooring is not only suiting for the eyes, but it’s also indestructible. There are no seams, and I choose different colors for all the floors. Money well spent!

Jake Crowther

The wife and I have moved to Melbourne from Sidney a while back. We bought a brand new house with lots of room for the family. After reading about epoxy flooring, we both decided that getting them is a good idea. Calling Looks Great Concrete was the best thing we did. They gave us professional advice, and they installed the perfect epoxy flooring with golden color flakes. Our home now looks like something out of a magazine. These guys are magicians.

Tyson Sidaway

I am a proud mother of two kids ages 6 and 9. Like all other kids, they like to spend time running around in the driveway. Since our old driveway was chipped and cracked, they often fell and hurt themselves. A friend of mine told me about Looks Great Concrete, so I gave them a call. They are friendly people that understand the needs of a mother. The concrete resurfacing job was done in three days, and now our driveway looks great. The anti-slip coating was more than worth it. My kids are much safer now.

Zara Hodel

We finally got a pool last year. Our backyard is now a playground for all the kids in the neighborhood. They like to run around the pool and jump in and out of the water during those hot days. I was worried about someone slipping and falling, so I contacted Looks Great Concrete looking for a solution. The entire poolside and pool deck were treated with the anti-slip coating, and I don’t have to worry anymore.

Kiara Molesworth

After getting a new job offer in Europe, I decided to move there. I needed some money to get me going, and the only thing I could sell was my house in Keilor Downs. I was told that I couldn’t get the price I wanted unless I installed new concrete flooring. Looks Great Concrete has the best prices and the friendliest workers I’ve ever seen. After the resurfacing project had been done, the price of my home was almost doubled. These guys helped me a lot!

Hamish Searle

Calling Looks Great Concrete has completely transformed my life for the better. I renovated my entire house a couple of years back, and the only thing that was sticking out was my old greasy concrete driveway. The guys from Looks Great Concrete matched it to the colors of my house. I couldn’t believe how different my home looks now. Thank you Looks Great Concrete, you are the best!

Alannah Hagen

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