Overcrete Stencil Concrete Patterns, Features And Borders

If you want to completely redesign the concrete surfaces at your home, you should think about choosing one of many Overcrete stencil patterns we have to offer. These patterns can give your old concrete a new look of your choice. Stencilled concrete Melbourne is also known as pattern paving and provides many different designs best suited for driveways, pool decks, patios and concrete surfaces outside of the home.

Here at Look Great Concrete, we take the time to talk to our clients to fully understand what look they want to achieve. There are many types of coatings, and there are endless decorative designs you can use to make your home or company unique and pleasing to the eye. If you can dream it – we can make it happen.

Our Process of Stencil Patterns Application

Stenciling can be performed on new, freshly laid out concrete or over existing concrete that has been covered with Overcrete. Here are the necessary steps we go through during the stenciling process.

Site Preparation

The first step in any concrete resurfacing job is the preparation. Our team of workers grind down any old damaged patterns and they remove any chipped concrete. If the surface of your driveway already has a coating, they completely remove it.

Clean the Area

Once all of the old coatings and damaged concrete has been removed, the concrete floor is thoroughly cleaned with an acid pressure washer. This step is crucial as it gets rid of any oil and grease stains, making sure that the new coating sticks to the surface as it should.

Preparation for Epoxy

Add a Primer

The primer is a clear solution that’s added to ensure a strong bond between the concrete and the stencil overlay.

Mask Surrounding Areas

All surrounding areas are then masked to protect them from over spray. This includes creating a 1.2 meter barrier to protect garden beds, decks, walls and surrounding property.

Add The First Coating

When everything has been prepped and ground down to perfection, it’s time to squeegee on the first coating. This coating is the color you want your stencil to be. It is sprayed on and left to dry and harden. Choose your color wisely because there is no turning back once it’s sprayed on.

Lay The Stencil

When the first colored layer is applied, the stencil of your choice is laid on top. Everything is placed and aligned perfectly before we blue-tack it to the ground. When the stencil patterns are secured, the work can continue.

Apply a Couple More Coatings

We spray on a couple of more coatings that give the concrete strength and durability. Each layer has to dry and harden before we spray on the next one.

Remove Stencil Pattern

When all the coatings are applied and when they harden, the last step is to remove the stencil patterns and roll the concrete with a number of sealer coatings that ensure an extra-long lifespan and durability.

stencil driveway


As you can see, the OverCrete Resurfacing Compound is very simple to apply, but it makes a big difference. The entire processcan take up to 4 day, then you just have to wait for it to harden. Once that is done, your decorative coating will not only look great, it’s going to last you for years to come.

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