Stencilled Concrete

Stencilled concrete is pattern or design made on concrete surface that gives the surface a new natural look. They are the less expensive way of transforming a floor. The stencils are disposable and are made with papers. The stencilled concrete method gives the floor a much more authentic and realistic look than stamping method. This method of stenciled concrete is available in many textures, colours and patterns.

The base colour, secondary colour and stencil pattern must be selected before beginning the work. Basic colour is the dry shake colour hardener. They are made up of a mixture of sand, pigments and cement. The secondary colour is the antique releasing colour. They are waterproof powder or liquid. The stencil roll is laid on the fresh concrete slab that is created in normal manner. Then the colours are applied followed by the texturing of the surface. The final stem involves removing of stencil and sealing the surface.

Stenciled concrete uses:

Patios, walkways, driveways,

Where can stencil be done:

They can be done on new concrete or on overlays.

Patterns of Stencil:

Brick, rosettes, compasses, stone and custom stencils are also available,

Difference between stamping and stencilled concrete:

Stencilled concrete is used for creating an authentic and realistic pattern or grout line that has a natural look of stone or brick. On the other hand stamping does not look realistic, they do not last longer and they also need frequent maintenance.  

Benefits of stencilled concrete

  • Stencilled concrete makes you stand out of the crown as they are unique.
  • They are not slippery so the municipality and commercial establishment would love it.
  • Stencilled concrete crosswalks are easier to use for visually impaired and physically handicapped peoples.
  • They are very less expensive than other methods like stamping.
  • More stenciled concrete can be poured or laid with less labour.
  • They take very less amount of time to complete a large area.
  • Everything can be done in a single day.
  • There are a large number of colours, textures and patterns to choose from.
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