Stencil Driveway

Stencil driveway is the process that involves transformation of the driveway into a beautiful textured floor. Look great concrete is one of the finest cement based coating in Australia. Driveway has a large area that can only be covered easily by stencil concrete. These are hard wearing therefore best for driveways. Stencil concrete will be the best option as they will complete the work in lesser time and with less expense. They lasts for longer period of time than other processes.

There are endless patterns, textures and colours available in stencilling around your house or as a new stencil driveway. This method gives the floor a look of stone, brick, tiles, wood grains, sandstone, slates etc. This makes the surface smooth and needs minimum maintenance.

Steps for Stencil Driveway

Preparation of area:

This is the primary step which requires the area to be cleaned and washed. If there are any damages like cracks then they must be filled and cleared. The surrounding area is protected from spraying by creating a 1.2 meter barrier. A Primer is added as the first most agent that binds everything together.  

Adding of color:

A colour hardener is applied on the surface and worked with a bull float. This is done immediately after the stencil is placed on the concrete so that the colour gets absorbed. Colour is added before and after placing stencil on the floor.

Application of stencil:

Disposable stencil is applied to the concrete surface and are placed on properly with a special roller so that the color or texture does not enter into the stencil.

Removing the Stencil:

The final step is removing the stencil while the concrete is still fresh. It is removed with care so that they do not get damaged. They are lifted from the corners straightly upwards.

Final Touch:

This is the last step that includes cleaning the release agent and cut the edges with saw. Then finally they are sealed.

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