Stencil Concrete Cost

Concrete stencilling is a beautiful art that attracts everyone that admires it. If you have a driveway, patio, stairs, roads, pool or barbecue area that needs to be transformed into an attractive design then you must choose concrete stencilling. This method is the most cost effective for any floor transformation.

Concrete stencilling is done by overlaying disposable stencilled patterns made of paper on fresh concrete surface. It is used for giving a stylish and distinctive look to any concrete surface. This process can make your floor look like stone, brick, pavers, etc. Customised look can also be provided on demand.

Stencil Concrete Cost varies depending on what pattern you want, the area being covered and the materials used.

Stencilled concrete ranges from $45 to $65 per square meter. It depends on the dyes, design of stencils or type of stencils and the densifiers used. Average cost for transforming a driveway varies between $2,000 to $10,000. The average cost being around $3500. But the price may vary with experience of applicators. Resurfacing and relaying can cost you more.

Preparation Cost

The floor must be prepared before a new layer is laid down in it. Repairing and Replacing Cost is included in preparation cost. If stencilling is required in old concrete surface and there is cracks or damages they may have to be replaced.

Material Costs

This will depend on the complexity of the pattern you choose for your floor. It also depends on the total area that needs to be covered.

Equipment Costs

This will be based on the number of colours and custom textures needed for the new floor. Paints, sealers and hardeners will be included in equipment cost.

Maintenance Costs

General cleaning using low pressure water and scrubbing with mild detergent will be required. Periodic resealing may be required as a dry shake hardener is used along with multiple coats of sealers.

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