Spray On Concrete

Spray On Concrete is a process of applying concrete overlays. The ingredients are loaded in dry or semi dry state then water is added to mix everything together. They are applied using velocity onto the surface. The service is available all over Melbourne for both domestic and commercial sites.They are versatile and easy to apply. They offer many floor finishing options. An air powered hopper is used for spraying the concrete evenly. These contains more sand and provide a finish with roughness and grittiness. They are Polymer modified cement coating applicators.

Looks great Concrete uses the latest technologies for resurfacing your concrete floor with decorative spray on concrete applications. 

Uses of Spray On Concrete

  • Used for giving split resistant finish to pool decks and patios.
  • High traffic interior floors.
  • Creative floor decorations.
  • Spray On Concrete are used to seal the floor.
  • Hiding damaged concrete


  • Low cost
  • Durable
  • Easy to apply
  • There are a wide range of patterns and colours.
  • UV protective.
  • Wide range of finish options.
  • High strength and low permeability.
  • Low ratio of water and cement.
  • Good adhesive property.
  • Able to convey material up to 200 meters.
  • Great for external use.

Looks great concrete specialise in providing a decorative concrete overlay using spray on concrete methods using a cement based, spray on product.

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