Paint Flakes Epoxy Floor

The broadcast media is replaced with a quartz granule along with the paint chips. These paint flakes are broadcasted onto the wet epoxy. The paint flakes are larger so a mosaic floor can be created. They are made up of dry paint flakes and coloured base coat. This creates a multicoloured finish.

Epoxy is used because it is inexpensive and has no odor. They have better adhesive property. Epoxy has a tendency to become yellow. They are good if there is no sunlight during the preparation.


The surface is prepared free of contaminants like grease, oils etc. The floor must not be wet. The floor may be needed to be leveled and sealed. Epoxy is layered on the surface. After 48 hours the color base coat is applied and left to dry. The chips are sprinkled when the coat is still wet. When they are dry a clear top coat is applied. A chemical called polyurethane can be applied on top of which white sand granules are added to make the surface textured and anti slippery. The sand will sink to the bottom of the coating and thus leaves the tip layer smooth but with a non slip texture.

Design Selection

  1. Select base color
  2. Select color of flakes
  3. Select size of flakes


  • Paint Flakes Epoxy Floor are durable and hard wearing.
  • The textured finish of the floor gives it a higher resistance level.
  • Paint Flakes Epoxy Floor are non slippery floors.
  • They are hygienic and easy to clean floors.
  • They are free from allergens and germs.
  • Paint Flakes Epoxy Floor are affordable
  • Paint Flakes Epoxy Floor are installed in 2 to 3 days.


  • Paint flakes epoxy floor are good for high traffic areas.
  • They can be used as internal and external floor finishing.
  • They can be installed on a new or pre existing concrete slab.
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