Melbourne Stencil Concrete

Looks Great Concrete is all about transforming your home or office floor into an attractive designed floor that lasts for a long time. The goal of our company is to provide the best Stencil Concrete Melbourne has to offer.

Concrete stencils were first introduced in 1980’s. Since then transforming floor with stencil has become trendy. Making perfect concrete designs is an art that comes with experience.

The stencils are laid on fresh concrete because they give an accurate duplicate brick look to the floor. A perfect and durable concrete layer with an unique design changes the look of entire area. There are endless designs available from which you can choose a best design for your home or office. You can also create your own customised design of your choice.

Stencil concreting is a process where a thin pre cut paper stencil is laid down on a fresh concrete. The exact same stencil pattern chosen will get printed on the concrete and a multiple layer of colour hardeners are sprayed onto it. This gives the fresh concrete a natural texture. Finally the stencil is removed from the floor leaving a perfect patterned floor. A natural concrete can be turned into a chosen pattern in short time. A final touch up is also done by applying more sealer coating on the surface.  

Benefits of Concrete Stenciling:

  • To enhance or rejuvenate existing concrete surface.
  • Stenciling can be done quickly and without relaying a driveway in most cases.
  • There are a number of designs available for stenciling.
  • It can be done indoor or outdoor.
  • There are a wide range of colors available for concrete stencils.

Why Choose Us:

  • There are experts who will examine the floor for a better transformation.
  • Warranties will be given to the clients for every project done to develop trust.
  • Unique floor designs are available that can not be found anywhere else.
  • The team cares and protects the property while working on the surface.
  • Look great concrete supports local economy therefore Australian made products are used.
  • The relationship clients are in such a way that some discounts can also be given for choosing Look Great concrete.
  • We are the most reliable, affordable and authentic stencil concreting company of Melbourne.
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