Fleck concrete coatings are the most popular floor coating with a growing number of homes going for fleck finishes that provide an exposed aggregate finish.

There are a range of different colors and textures that can be applied to a concrete surface, with the most popular being an exposed aggregate finish. Why are concrete coatings like this so popular? They look great! The finish is also very resistant to weather, UV light, water, and general wear and tear. It’s easy to understand why more people have decided to use fleck coatings in their driveways, swimming pools, and other areas around their home or business. You can get a similar look to fleck concrete on epoxy with flake epoxy flooring, too!


The exposed aggregate finish and other forms of spray on concrete aren’t just appealing to the eye. Here are a few of the benefits of concrete coatings:

Strength and Durability

Strength and Durability

Everyone wants a durable driveway that’s going to last for a long time. Covering your concrete floors with a spray on coating of colored fleck will make your floor stronger. It lasts longer than paint and is perfect for refreshing and repairing old concrete surfaces. Plus, all of our spray on concrete options are anti-slip driveway coatings.

Appeal and Value

Appeal and Value

Spraying colored flecks over your existing concrete flooring can make a huge difference when it comes to aesthetics. All of the imperfections will be hidden beneath a coating of durable decorative flecks. Colour fleck concrete provides a modern update to poolsides, patio areas, and more. It’s an easy and economical way to up your property value that’s much cheaper than changing the concrete floors altogether.

Easy To Maintain

Easy To Maintain

Fleck flooring and exposed aggregate look concrete require very little maintenance. A gentle water-based cleaning solution is all you need to perk up your decorative concrete flooring. No special chemical products required – in fact, some chemical products can damage the coating, so stick with gentle solutions!

Before Applying Spray On Concrete: Preparation

Preparation is crucial when it comes to spray-on fleck concrete coatings. First, we need to prepare the concrete surface. This includes removing any previous coatings, loose concrete pieces, sealers or patterns and repairing any cracks. Washing the concrete with 3,000 PSI of pressure gets rid of all the dirt and other particles. After finishing any repairs or replacement of concrete parts, we rinse everything again with water. Driveways require approximately 30 to 60 minutes of pressure washing to prep them for the fleck coating.

fleck particles

Applying the Colour Fleck or Exposed Concrete Finish

Once we’ve prepared the concrete surface, we mask the surrounding surfaces to protect it from the spray. Some masking jobs can take up to five hours, but treating your property well is something we take pride in.

To get the perfect colour for the exposed concrete overlay look you want, we mix our unique resurfacing cement with the color of your choice in a large container with water. Once we get the shade just right, we pour the mix into a hopper gun. We spray three coatings. The first two coats contain the color you want, while the last top coat contains all of the concrete flecks that give you that exposed aggregate look-alike finish.

There’s one last step to finishing your decorative concrete flooring: sealing the fresh surface. The sealer is what gives your floor the extra strength and durability that makes spray on fleck concrete so appealing. We use only the best clear sealers on the market in our work because we want our clients to enjoy the strongest concrete floors there are.

Main Benefits of Spray On Concrete


UV Protective – Resists fading under sunlight


Many colors, designs, and patterns to choose from


Cheaper, more durable, and more customizable than tiles and paint


Great for external use including pool decks, paths, courtyards, driveways, and more

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