Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete are the latest trend for concrete patios, floors driveways, walkways, entryways, counter tops, pool decks and many more. Concrete is no more a boring surface as it can now be transformed into a beautiful decorative surface.

They can be done on a small domestic area to a large commercial areas. This method gives the opportunity to choose the best design that can transform your floor into an expensive looking tile with an just half the cost. They are the most versatile, durable and cost effective process as they have a wide range of stains, tools, dyes, textures, patterns and colours. Decorative concrete is not only the simple utilitarian medium for construction but while serving as an integral part of the building they are the aesthetic enhancement of a structure.

This decorations on the concrete can be done during pouring or after curing. If you are looking decorate your concrete you must choose Looks great concrete now for authentic transformations.

Texture Styles Include:

  1. Exposed Aggregate
  2. Epoxy Flake Finish
  3. Fleck Finish
  4. Spray on Textures
  5. Metallic Epoxy
  6. Flagstone
  7. Stencilled Patterns

Selecting a Design

Decorative concrete adds value and appeal to the property with a decorative coating. Transforms the floor into an attractive piece. Experts will visit your place and help in choosing the best suitable type of concrete coating for you. Here are some tips for choosing the best design for you.

1.How to select a color

  • Evaluate all the available colors with your area.
  • Select a color that matches the style and color of your house or company.

2. How to select a texture

  • You can choose this if you want some texture. If you want a smooth seamless floor you need not add texture to your floor.

3. How to decorate and give natural look

  • This gives natural stone look, if you like it choose this.
  • Decorative concrete overlays will provide natural looking driveway or patio.
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