Concrete Resurfacing Services

This is a method of transforming an existing concrete surface into an attractive art work. These are the most trending method of last half century. This process gives a new life to the old ageing concrete. They are used for upgrading the look of the concrete surface.

Concrete Resurfacing on an existing concrete is an easier process that cause lesser damage to the landscape and the construction time is also shortened. The process is resurfacing the old concrete includes cleaning, repairing and overlaying new surface with colours and sealers. They are left to dry for a minimum of three days. It is a high value low cost solution. At Looks great concrete clients are promised to provide the exact match of the desired design with an affordable price.


1. Flake Concrete

  • This is an epoxy coating in which flakes are added.
  • Seamless concrete floor with flake.
  • Combine to form the best floor with dozen of options available.
  • Perfect for the floor in garage

2. Epoxy Floors

  • Perfection in the finishing of any floor in house or garage.
  • Special treatment of floors with glass, pearl, marble etc.
  • A number of colors and designs available.
  • An offer of best design solution is the metallic color.

3. Fleck concrete coating

  • Addition of unique layers to the pre existing concrete surface.
  • Fleck concrete coating is done with spraying method.
  • There are many colors and textures to choose from.
  • It gives the floor a look of exposed aggregates.

4. Borders, Features and Patterns

  • These are all optional.
  • They can be installed on fresh concrete to improve the style.
  • Makes the property unique with unique shapes and colors.

5. Anti-slip Driveway coating

  • It makes the floor grippy which are non slippery and safe.
  • This is done by a special spraying method.
  • This can be done using stencil patterns, single colors or fleck finishes.
  • The exposed aggregates remains unchanged in cold or wet weathers.
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