Concrete overlay

Concrete overlay is done for improving the look of the old concrete that shows the symptoms of ageing. As the name suggests they are laid on the old concrete. The old concrete goes through some processing before the new layer is laid on them. There are various designs and patterns for overlays. Selection of a perfect design, color and texture may be quite difficult but there are experts available in the company. The experts will visit the place you want to transform and will provide the best options for the transformations.

The company not only applies the new layer but also they take care of the property from the day the project starts to the last day of the project. They take good care of the surrounding area too so that they do not get spoiled by spraying. All the process in done with spray therefore extra care must be taken. Looks great concrete is the best in Melbourne for an affordable concrete overlay.

Concrete Overlay Steps

1.Preparation of Site

  • Remove the previous patterns and sealers on the concrete coating.
  • This will help in longer lifespan of new layer.

2. Cleaning of Site

  • Cleaning is done with a pressure washer.
  • It removes the dirt and grime from the surface.

3. Repairing of Site

  • Cracks and holes in the old concrete are repaired
  • A diamond crack chaser is used to seal cracks and slow down the future cracks.
  • An epoxy mortar repair compound is used for filling the damaged concrete.

4. Covering of Site

  • The cleaned surface is coated with primer.
  • Areas nearby are covered up to protect from sprays.
  • A polymer concrete is used for spraying the concrete.

5. Coloring of site

  • Color is applied using spray method.

6. Sealing of Site

  • A special seal coat is applied on the surface to protect the concrete from harsh weathers like rain or cold.

7. Curing of Site

  • The surface needs a minimum of three days to dry completely and ready to be used.


  • Though concrete overlays are strong and durable they can get damaged.
  • There will be a need of very light maintenance.
  • It needs a regular wash to keep it fresh and shining.
  • In every 2 to 3 years a new coat of concrete sealer may be required.
  • This will increase the lifespan of the concrete surface.
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