Concrete Floor Finishes Provided by LGC

Concrete floor finishes is a process of decorating the concrete floors with some advanced materials. The finishing techniques involve polishing and metallic epoxy coating. There are a large number of designs and offers for finishing the floor with concrete. They can be coloured, stained, polished and textured.

There are stencil patterns and custom graphics that enhance the floor. There are no other method of transformation with these many offers with uniqueness. They can be applied to an existing concrete or a new to provide a range of different concrete floor finishes.

There are also special decorative coatings available for different places like garage. They are not only beneficial for protecting the surface from stains, tire marks, oil stains and grease but also they have a colour and texture.

The best part of this finishes are they are easy to maintain, they can withstand heavy foot traffic, they can resist stain and harsh weather and they won’t harbour mildew, dust mites, allergens and moulds.


This process is done with a disposable stencil pattern that is sprayedĀ over a fresh or old concrete and a couple of sprays are applied before they are removed. This gives the floor an unique pattern with colour and texture.


Epoxy floor coatings help in making the look last for longer period of time. They not only add an extra strength but also they maintain and make cleaning easier. Any liquid or oil can easily be cleaned from a epoxy surface.


Fleck flooring is a very resistant and long lasting floor finishing. They are sprayed in the fresh or old concrete. They improve the appeal and value. There are a range of colours and textures available. They are also easy to maintain.


Flake floors are extremely resistant and are durable. They have a coating of colourful flakes. A sparkling seamless floor is obtained with a clear resistant sealer. They give a semi textured look to the floor. They are popular in commercial sites.

Anti Slip Coatings

Anti slip coating is done to improve the safety. It is done by applying a coating of spray. They work best on the new concrete surface. These are the best coating to be had on driveways to prevent slipping. They provide a textured anti slip finish to the decorative concrete coating.

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